Getting Started

I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a blog for ages.  But what to blog about?  My interests are wide and varied; my focus equally so.  Recently, a friend of mine made a dress as part of an “I made this myself” sort of challenge and her online posts about her progress impressed me.  From there, I started exploring several sewing blogs.  And then blogs about vintage-inspired sewing.  I have sewn in the past:  quilts mostly but about fifteen years ago I attempted and then abandoned a skirt project (I chose the thickest fleece fabric I could find knowing very well that the pattern called for something much thinner.  It’s what I wanted! Oops!).  More recently, my creative energy has been spent on home renovations and my sewing machine has served as a storage surface.  Now though, with renovations mostly finished, I want to take up the hobby again and try my hand at sewing something other than quilts.  The sewing blogs I’ve perused fascinate me.  And the vintage patterns?  Wow.  Modern patterns don’t tend to catch my eye but in ten minutes of window shopping on Etsy or Ebay I can find dozens of older patterns that thrill me.  It amazes me what modern sewists create from these vintage patterns and I wonder if this is something I too, can manage.

The idea of sewing clothing is oh so daunting.  Blogging about it even more so.  But, yesterday I received Sewaholic’s Cambie pattern in the mail and today I removed the pile of stuff from the surface of my sewing machine’s cabinet.  I haven’t chosen a fabric yet and I haven’t even opened the pattern packet.  With what feels like my introduction coming to a close, I’m wavering between the “save draft” and “publish” buttons at the page bottom.  Do I put this out on the Web?  Who is going to read about my novice sewing and bungles?  Am I the blogging type?  There is only one way to find out, isn’t there?  Here I go.


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