Bio: Hello! This blog narrates my sewing progress and provides a place for me to express my delight in vintage clothing patterns. Okay, maybe I'm not there yet, but these are my plans! I've always been a tomboy and the younger me pretty much refused to wear dresses. This didn't really work for Sundays when I was expected to wear a dress to church. My mom and I worked out a compromise: one dress. We would buy one dress that I liked (as much as I could like a dress back then) and I would wear it without complaint, until I grew out of it. Then, a new dress. Apparently some lady actually asked my mom if my family needed financial assistance to buy her daughter more dresses. Poor mom! In adulthood, I've come to like dresses but for most of my work life I've worn a) steel toed boots b) rubber boots or, c) steel-toed rubber boots. Not a lot of need for dressier things… but I do like to wear skirts and dresses when I'm not at work and I currently don't have enough of either in my closet. I want to work on making my own, because the ones in stores these days don't really catch my eye. Besides wanting to improve my sewing, I enjoy baking cakes, researching my family history, and I try to go camping whenever I can. The husband and I have two cats who like to hog the bed. We (excluding the cats) have spent the last (nearly) seven years renovating our house. Thankfully the worst of it is over. It's time to sew! Thanks for stopping by!

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